Crown Bound Pageant Consulting is a full service pageant and lifestyle consulting firm specializing in preparation for all pageant types and systems. Established in 2014, Ciera has been operating and coaching local, state, and national winners up and down the east coast.

Not only does Ciera have experience as a veteran competitor and winner, she has also judged multiple pageants over the last seven years.

 Ciera is passionate about pageantry because she has personally benefited from all that it has to offer. Not to mention she believes pageant coaching is one of the most valuable self-development trainings to invest in.


Ciera's goal is to help other women become the best versions of themselves without changing who they are at heart. 

Ciera coaches clients virtually, as well as in person in Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey.

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Ciera Nicole Butts
Ciera Nicole Butts
Ciera Nicole Butts
Ciera Nicole Butts

For Coaching inquires please submit a request at the link below or schedule a free consultation. 


Sessions are available both face to face and virtual.

Areas of training are as followed:

Walking/Runway/On Stage Presence

Interview and On-stage Question Prep including mock interviews

Wardrobe Consulting in all areas of competition and pageant weekend

Hands on Headshot Consulting

Confidence building

Biography, Resume & Personal Branding


Alexis Becton

"Thank you for everything! I could not be more humbed and blessed with where I landed. You took me under your wing and molded me into something so beautiful, you brought things out of me that I did not even know was there, and you pushed me...even when In wanted to give up...Failure was never an option."

- 1st Runner Up - Miss District of Columbia USA 2020

- Top 10 - Miss United States 2017 

- Winner - Miss District of Columbia United States 2017 

- 4th Runner Up - Miss District of Columbia USA 2016

Chelsie Stevens

"Thank you and love you so much! I am so thankful for everything you've done over the years! Such a great support system!"

- 3rd Runner Up at Miss District of Columbia USA 2020

- 1st Runner Up at Miss Dallas USA 2018

- 1st Runner Up at Miss District of Columbia United States 2017 

- Top 15 at Miss District of Columbia USA 2016

Krischell Lewis

"I absolutely LOVED working with Ciera! She has been fine tuning me for the past few years and each time we meet I always leave feeling positive and ready to conquer any pageant. She's pushed me to do so much more than she knew I was capable of and because of it I've won various awards from various systems. And I've even been able to capture my very first  national title thanks to her! I loved that she was always there for me and on call and worked with me till I felt comfortable. If your not working with her now I don't know what your doing but you need to get on it pronto!"

- Winner - America's Elite Miss 2019 

- Winner - America's Elite Miss Maryland 2019

- MIss Jr Teen Maryland United States 2013

Amilliana McNiel

“From working one on one with interview and on stage question prep to styling you for pageant weekend, Ciera is one of the best pageant coaches in the industry. Working with Ciera has been an absolute dream. Not only is she the nicest person you’ll ever meet, but she also gives you all the tools you need to succeed in pageantry and in life. Anyone who needs a coach should definitely go to Ms. Ciera Nicole."


- Winner - Royal International Miss Teen Maryland 2019 

- 2nd Runner Up International Miss Teen 2019

Special Wade

"Ciera, thank you for EVERYTHING! You made my first pageant experience incredible! I couldn't have done it without you!"

- Top 10 - Miss United States 2019 

-Winner - Miss District of Columbia United States 2019 


Lauren "Tula" Poindexter

"Working with Ciera was absolutely amazing! She made sure I had new headshots, helped me find the perfect dress and helped me master my walk that made me look like a true professional on stage! She was there every step of the way preparing for the pageant and answered all of my questions which took off a lot of pre-pageant pressure. She knows her stuff and is passionate about her work! I would absolutely recommend her services to all of my future queens preparing for the big day!"

-2nd Runner Up - Miss Maryland United States 2018

Leah Wald

"I am so thankful for Ciera, the ultimate pageant queen, for believing in me and helping me navigate the crazy, captivating and elegant world of pageantry. It’s been a fun ride!” 

-Top 15 - Miss Maryland USA 2018 

- Winner - Maryland US Supernational 2018  

Ashley Wade

"Where do I even start!? I wouldn't know a thing about pageantry if it were not for Ciera. Considering she has been there, done that, you can't go wrong with her! Not to mention she's super fun! Out of this experience I am more confident in myself and I can gladly call Ciera a friend. Definitely a win-win!"

- Winner - Miss DC Earth United States 2017 

- Top 15 -  Miss District of Columbia USA 2017

Letoya Mayo

"With Ciera's coaching I was able to master my runway walk and take home the award of Top Model. Her expertise in runway training is great! She's so much fun and made me feel so comfortable. I would glady reccommend her to others who are seeking pageant onstage prep! Thank you so much  Ciera!"

- Winner - Miss Black Maryland USA 2015 

Kimberly Klacik

"You would think being coached by someone younger than you would be a bit difficult to handle, not with Ciera. Ciera is great at listening to what you want to accomplish and express. We worked together on coming up with a plan to present the best me, without changing who i was! It was such a great experience. She was able to help me earn the title in my first pageant. I am very grateful."

- Winner - Mrs. Maryland United States 2014

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